Top 10 ‘Did You Know’ Taxi Facts

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Did you know that . . .

1. The name Taxi actually originated from the word Taximeter, which was the device that calculates the fare by measuring either distance or time.

2. London black cabs are required to have a turning radius of 25ft. This allows them to manoeuvre more easily in the streets of London.

3. Technically it is illegal for you to shout to hail a cab. This is because it is a distraction to the driver and if you do shout they don’t have to stop for you. So if you want to hail a taxi the right way, just stand at the kerb put your arm out when you see a taxi with a lit up sign to signal them.

4. In order to become a taxi driver in London you have to pass a test that usually takes 2-4 years to pass. Now to some this may seem a bit over the top but if you had to memorise 320 routes, 25,000 streets and 20,000 landmarks I think you would happily admit that it would take quite a lot of time.

5. The term ‘Black Cab’ only refers to the most common taxi colour in London. You can actually get various other colours like red, yellow, blue or white.

6. There are approximately 21,000 black cabs in London.

7. Many Taxi drivers actually own their own Black Cab vehicle and for this reason, they are self employed which means that every time you get into a Taxi you are getting into separate business each time.

8. Less than 2% of black cab drivers in London are women.

9. Originally manufacturers had to make London Taxis large enough so that a man wearing a bowler hat could fit inside.

10. The first taxicab licenses were issued as far back as 1639 and it wasn’t until 1908 that motorised taxis were introduced into London.

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