Five Occasions You Might Want A Chauffeur For

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You may be surprised to hear this but some people aren’t always sure on when it’ll be appropriate to hire a Chauffeur. People often think that it might be a bit too much so here are five occasions that we believe are perfect for hiring a Chauffeur.


Wedding days are amongst the most important days in anyone’s lives so it is only appropriate that it is done properly. Arriving in style is the best way to hit the ground running. Arriving in comfort as well is the icing on the cake. Whether it being the car for the Father and Bride or the car for the Bridesmaids you can be assured that you will be able to enjoy yourself and relax because our Chauffeurs have got everything under control. Let the journey to such a momentous occasion be savoured so you can remember it for years to come.


Every young adult dreams of having the perfect Prom. Arriving in a gorgeous car to the Prom is the movie moment that everyone wants and for good reason. You and your best friends all finishing off your school careers together is a fantastic feeling so treating yourself to a Chauffeur to take you across the finish line is certainly a way to go out with a bang. Or perhaps you are pulling out all the stops for your Prom date and want to make it a romantic night to remember. No matter what your scenario is for Prom, a Chauffeur fits in to all of them and will draw the eyes onto you when you arrive.

Airport Taxi

Now to begin with, the classic taxi to the airport may seem a bit drab and dull but that is exactly the reason it should be done by a chauffeur. Usually most people end up having an awkward, long and stressful journey where you have to get a lift from a friend and are worried about traffic delays causing you to miss your flight. With a Chauffeur you will end up looking forward to the taxi to the airport. It will be a chance for you to switch off and unwind for a while because you know someone has already taken care off the stresses for you so you can just enjoy the comfort that the Chauffeur is providing.

Special Occasions

Everyone has got birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations happening constantly in their lives and someone and throughout all of these occasions it is always important to make them special and memorable. Having a journey to a party or restaurant made by a Chauffeur can really take these celebratory occasions to the next level. It is the perfect thing to make sure that this occasion stays in their memory. All our Chauffeurs love what they do they are always happy to play along which makes hiring a Chauffeur perfect for occasions such as surprise parties.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day comes but once a year and is still enough to make all couples stress out about what they are going to do. It can be exhausting year after year trying to think of another way to make this day even more special than the year before. One trick that you can have hiding up your sleeve is simple. Hire a Chauffeur. This will give you and your special someone the perfect time to spend some quality time together whilst you are on your way to the rest of your evening. You will be in the most calm and comfortable situation possible making it the perfect situation to reminisce on your relationship and create new memories.

Book a Chauffeur 

Here at Rother Valley Private we like to make booking a chauffeur an easy and enjoyable experience so you can either call us directly on 07799 888 480 or contact us via our online form.

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